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Who We Are

Front of GMS Office Building with Flag pole


Aerial pic of GMS campus and surrounding roads flooded
Pic of floodwaters outside GMS cafeteria and breezeway
Zoomed out view of old school sign with 2 red school buildingsflooded
Photo of gym floor and walls after being stripped post-flood
Pic of flood levels outside 2-story GMS school building
Photo of cheer team with school guests posing for grand opening post-flood

Galvez Middle School is located in a rapidly-growing area of the state. We have a diverse population with a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds, and our staff strives to maintain a community of excellence and respect.  Our motto is "Every Pirate, Every Day".

Galvez Elementary, circa 1937

Picture of Regina Hood, Principal, on porch of Galvez Elementary, circa 1937


Galvez Middle School has quite a long and interesting history.  As early as 1901, "Galvez Elementary" housed grades 1-7 in a one-room building with outdoor toilets, and students drank water from the "hosepipe".  Later, grade 8 was moved down from Gonzales High School and incorporated into Galvez Elementary.  Kindergarten was added as a voluntary half-day experience in the 1970's but became a full-time grade in just a few years. In 1987, grades K-4 moved to the new Galvez Primary School, and we became known as Galvez Middle, encompassing grades 5-8.  In 2009, fifth grade moved down to the primary school level, and Galvez Middle became as it is today, a 6-8 grade middle school.

In August of 2016, a slow-moving storm settled over Louisiana for many days.  River levels rose, pumps failed, and "The Great Flood of 2016" devastated parts of Louisiana, including Ascension Parish.  Galvez Middle suffered flood damage from over a foot of water in all buildings except the new administrative building, which had been constructed at a higher elevation.   After several weeks of no school as families tried to recover and meet basic needs, Galvez Middle was able to move a little towards normalcy--three miles down the road, Central Middle opened its doors to our students and staff and shared its facilities for instruction while our campus was being prepared for transitional facilities.  On March 13, 2017, we returned to campus and carried out academic life in temporary buildings; thus "Pod Life" became our hashtag.  By the Fall of 2018, recovery/renovation was finally complete, and Galvez Middle students entered fresh new classrooms.  Looking at our campus today, one would never know how much our students and staff have endured and grown from the personal, academic, and professional challenges that were presented to us as a result of the "Great Flood of 2016".

In March of 2020, amid the rising concern over a new and dangerous coronavirus called Covid-19, Ascension Parish Schools, including Galvez Middle, moved to virtual learning.   In the Fall of 2020, we adopted an A-Day/B-Day schedule to alternate virtual and in-person days, thus allowing for better social distancing.   In the Spring of 2021, students were offered the option to be in person or virtual per nine-week period. In the Fall of 2021, all students were moved to complete in-person learning while following quarantining/virtual protocols as needed.  On March 17, 2022, Governor John Bel Edwards ended Louisiana's COVID public health emergency order, and school life reverted back to normal.